About Us

Glenbriar is located on Weber Street North in Waterloo. Thirty years ago, we had a vision of turning a small, old fashioned hardware store into a prominent plumbing retailer which is now called "Glenbriar Plumbing Showplace".  It's been carved out of the former Glenbriar curling club and had just one isle of plumbing parts at the time.

Through the years, as the consumer demand for sophisticated and designer bath fixtures grew tremendously, Glenbriar increased the amount of floor space devoted to plumbing. Since then, an additional 4,000 square feet was added, increasing the plumbing showroom 

Although our hardware retail space is still robust and very much a going concern, the vastness of our plumbing section coupled with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, draws clientele from across southwestern Ontario. Currently, 70 percent of the clients are renovating existing bathrooms. Glenbriar was the first retailer in Canada to launch a Kohler design centre and every product that company makes is available through the store.

Working with Kohler gives credibility to everything we carry because of Glenbriar's sales record.  Other manufacturers and vendors often give the store first right of refusal for exclusive display of new plumbing products.  Customers come to Glenbriar not only for the wide sections of styles, but also the staff's design know-how.  Clients can simply purchase items, of course, but they can also take advantage of Glenbriar's in-home consultation service which assesses their projects and makes recommendations. Our staff listens carefully to customer's interests to identify trends.

Visit our "Plumbing Showcase" and see the wide variety of selection our store has to offer.  You
won't be disappointed.